Spectrum: Queer Art for/by Youth


Spectrum is a collaboration between myself, Michael Valdez and Ines Rombouts.
The goal was to launch the debate between artists and audience on the topics gender identity and sexual orientation.

In these last years more people with an atypical sexual orientation, gender identity or relationship experiences have found the courage to share their stories. Even though there is more information out there, we see that these issues remain fraught and taboo, and more often than not laden with stigma and stereotypes.

Through visual art, performance, video and other media Spectrum seeks to challenge binary thinking. We are a platform for artists from Flanders to showcase their work surrounding the topics, and a community for all who share our interest.

Our first event took place in the weekend of 21 October.
We hosted an exposition featuring more than fifteen young queer artists, alongside various performers and guest speakers introducing topics like Polyamory, BDSM and Gender Identity to the public.  We hope to repeat this project next year.

The project report (in Dutch);

Want more? You can follow the community and our upcoming events on facebook.
See some of the events pictures.



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